Brook Trout Fishing in the Minnesota Boundary Waters

If you are an avid trout fisherman, then you may want to take a trip to the Minnesota Boundary Waters in the fall for the spawning brook trout run. As soon as the leaves change colors and the air begins to smell of the earthy fall season, the brook trout begin to run along the Minnesota Boundary Waters in the Superior National Forest. The locals to the area can tell you that it is the best place to fish around this time of year, and should not be missed. Not only is the fishing anticipated every year, but the adventure that the fishing trips hold in store each year make it the next best anticipated thing since Christmas.

Minnesota bondary watersThe Fishing

When you are fishing in the Minnesota Boundary Waters for brook trout, there are a few things you will need to know. First, fishing for brook trout isn’t all that different from other types of fish, and there is no reason that you should feel like it is all that challenging. Whether you are into fly fishing, bobber fishing, or anything else, stealth is key during the brook trout run. These fish will generally stick to shallow waters which makes them a lot more cautious than fish that you will find in deeper waters. You will want to stay quiet and many people suggest sitting on the ground while fishing to avoid making any sudden noises and scaring the fish.


When you are fishing for brook trout, there is also a method to catching these spooky fish. You will want to begin at the tail end of the pools in the Minnesota Boundary Waters, then move to the middle of these pools, then to the head, and finally onto the riffle. The reason for this is because you don’t want to spook the other fish by dragging a thrashing brook trout all the way up stream. This will alert all the other fish of your presence and you will likely lose a day of fishing because of it. It is much harder to find a new pool full of fish than it is to work the one that you already have found. The other option you will have if you have spooked the pool that you are fishing is to enjoy about a 2 hour long lunch and wait for the fish to calm before returning to your fishing. Brook trout can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours to settle down after being spooked.

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