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Best Flies for Brook Trout

Here I have decided to share with you my favorite brook trout fly patterns. Brook trout are not very savvy usually, but sometimes they can be quite picky if they are heavily fished. Use these flies to increase your catch rate with the wily old elusive brook trout.

Dry Flies

  • Stimulator: These flies look a lot like large caddis and stoneflies. I have found that brook trout throughout the US will usually hit this fly even if neither of the aforementioned insects are hatching.
  • Elk Hair Caddis: Another great fly for brook trout. They just don’t seem to be able to resist this natural looking classic trout fly pattern.
  • Classic Adam’s: This fly works well for all trout, but brook trout around the world fall victim to this amazing pattern on a daily basis. Be sure to keep some of these in your possesion every time you are in brook trout country.

Nymphs For Brook trout

My favorite nymph patterns for brook trout are mostly classic patterns. They really like the extra shine that beadhead nymphs offer.

  1. Beadhead prince nymphs: These classics just look too buggy for any trout to pass up. They seem to look like such a vast array of insects that they are just usually hard to beat.
  2. Zug Bug Nymphs: Also in a beadhead style, these flies really seem to attract a lot of fish.
  3. Montana Stonefly Nymph: The Montana stone is a great natural looking fly pattern. Stoneflies can typically be found in all trout water. So if you don’t have any of these beautiful flies I recommend you go out and buy some. They really do work wonders for brook trout.

There you have it! My secret selection of trout flies to catch brook trout. These flies will work for all species of trout, but the brook trout really seem to like them. Next time you head to your favorite mountain stream to catch those brookies, be sure you have the “best flies for brook trout” in your fly box, or you just might regret it.