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Kokanee and Sockeye Salmon

Female kokanee salmonAll About the Kokanee/Sockeye Salmon

Many species of fish are threatened by changes in environment, habitat or overfishing that are threatening the existence. Kokanee salmon and sockeye salmon are two types of such fish and experts are applying conservation efforts to help save the population.

Kokanee and sockeye salmon are two forms of the same species — and that species has been deemed endangered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in 2005. The species rank third in population in the seven species of Pacific salmon, behind the pink salmon and the chum salmon. Continue reading

Fishing Coolers

Yeti tundra coolerWhether you are going on a full day trip in the Florida keys for bonefish or mahi or just a float trip for trout, you surely need a good fishing cooler to keep your beverages ice cold. Some coolers are much better than others Read more about fishing coolers at: These folks have outlined a few different cooler options that will keep your beverages ice cold for several days. Have a look if you are shopping for a good cooler.

Chinook Salmon

King salmon also called the chinookAll About the Chinook Salmon

There are some species of fish that pack the punch of star power.

In this case, the chinook salmon aka: the King salmon has that honor due to it’s sheer size. If there is anything to know about chinook salmon, it’s that they can get huge. They grown to be about 3 feet in length, but it’s the weight that can greatly vary. The average weight for the chinook is about 40 pounds but it can get as large as 120 pounds. Continue reading